Kuźnia Jawor – History of Company

Fryderyk Kuring founded “Factory of Axes, Screws and Nuts”

Running a company under the name of “Agricultural Tools Factory”

Construction of a new matrix forge and establishment of a company called Zakłady Kuziennicze i Maszyn Rolniczych – “AGROMET”

Privatization by the National Investment Funds in the Universal Privatization Program

Issuance of shares for the development of the company

Purchase of shares of Kuźnia Jawor S.A. by Gwarant Capital Group SA

Execution of investments worth over PLN 15 million in the field of machines and devices for heat and mechanical treatment

Increasing the share capital to the amount exceeding PLN 40 million

Establishing cooperation with the Wrocław University of Technology in the field of implementing new technologies

Operational and financial restructuring

Leaving the Gwarant Group – acquisition of a majority stake of shares by an  individual investor

Establishment of cooperation with the German Institute of Technology IWU Fraunhofer

Continuing cooperation with scientific units and institutions. Implementation of projects co-financed from the European Union: “Demonstrator”, Fast Path, Modern Material Technologies – Techmatstrateg

The commissioning of the first robotic workstation, which included: induction heater, 1300T post-trade press, 200T cutting press and 3 robots as part of the “Demonstrator” project