Drop forgings 

Kuźnia Jawor specialises in production of high quality, steel drop forgings, hot forged on:

  • forging presses lines „Massey” capacity from 600T to 2500T,
  • hammers – impact energy from 1600 KGm to 16000KGm,
  • horizontal forging machine - capacity 500T.

We use carbon, alloy and stainless steel in the manufacturing process.

In addition, company offers:

  • heat treatment,
  • shot-blasting,
  • burnishing,
  • calibration,
  • magnetic crack detection,
  • protection against corrosion.

Heat treatment includes:

  • isothermal annealing,
  • normalizing,
  • soft annealing,
  • quenching and tempering,
  • solutioning.

On customer demand products are machined.
Our own tool shop with machine tools type HSM and CAD/CAM –aided control systems secures 100% of needs for tools used in forging process.

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Trade contact 

Zdzisław Pruszyński
tel. +48 76 870 76 61
fax +48 76 870 76 44
e-mail: zdzislawpruszynski@kuznia.com.pl