About company 

Kuźnia Jawor SA realises orders for drop forgings up to 40 kg.

For automotive industry company produces drop forging for:

  • powertrain,
  • steering,
  • suspension,
  • exhaust system.

Mining industry is supplied in components for push-plate conveyors.

Our strengths:

  • wide range of products,
  • high quality of offered products,
  • we are recognized in European market by forged elements buyers,
  • dynamic development of forgings for automotive industry production,
  • status of leading supplier of gear wheel for GM Powertrain,
  • own in-house tool room and tool production,
  • own laboratories, heat treatment and machining,
  • integrated automatic data processing system MRPII/ERP supported by Iscala software,
  • CAD/CAM design,
  • experienced and qualified personnel,
  • investing in machinery modernisation.
Proces kucia
Forging process

Linie pieców do obróbki cieplnej
Heat treatment furnace line

  Frezarka narzędziowa CNC
CNC milling machine